Request a 巴斯蒂尔 Transcript

There are several ways you can request an official or unofficial transcript. Read more to discover which option works best for you.

Ways to Request Your Transcript

For your convenience, we offer a faster way to request transcripts using this link: National Student Clearinghouse

The National Student Clearinghouse offers you the flexibility to order your transcripts online with a credit card.  Please note: The National Student Clearinghouse charges an additional $2.25 processing fee per transaction. 

To order an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar, please submit a request form with payment. Checks should be made payable to "巴斯蒂尔 University." 

You may print out and send in a copy of the official transcript request form (pdf). In addition, request forms are available at the Office of the Registrar (Kenmore campus, 249房间).  If you are unable to download the request form, please see instructions for submitting a written request at the bottom of this page.  Current students with an active account may order official transcripts and have the fee billed to their 巴斯蒂尔 University account. The registrar is not able to accept fax or email requests. 

Additional information from the Office of Registrar 

  • Your transcript request may take up to 10 business days to process, in addition to mail-delivery time.  Expedited orders will be processed within two business days, in addition to mail-delivery time.  If you indicate that you wish to include a current quarter's grades, 学位招聘, grade change or other addition to the transcript, your request will be delayed further. 

  • Your transcript cannot be issued until all holds have been removed and any outstanding bills have been paid to 巴斯蒂尔 University. 

  • 巴斯蒂尔 University does not provide transcripts from other colleges. 

  • If you have questions about ordering a transcript or regarding a transcript that you have already ordered (and it has been at least three weeks since the placement of your order), please contact the registrar's office at (425) 602-3332 or via email at registrar@巴斯蒂尔.edu

Unofficial transcripts are available from the registrar's office via email, mail, or in person. There is no charge for an unofficial transcript. 

Email (preferred method): submit your request via your 巴斯蒂尔.edu email address or send a completed transcript request form to registrar@巴斯蒂尔.edu. An electronic (pdf) copy of your unofficial transcript will be emailed to you. 

You may also mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope, along with the completed transcript request form (pdf) to the address listed at the bottom of the form. 

Unofficial transcripts are also available by request in person at the registrars' office (Kenmore campus, 249房间). Unofficial transcript requests are typically processed at the time of the request. 

If you are unable to download the request form, a written request should include the following: 

  • Your name (indicate all names you may have used while attending 巴斯蒂尔 University) 
  • Your Social Security number (last four digits) 
  • Your date of birth 
  • Your return address and phone number (and email address if applicable) 
  • A complete address of where you would like to have your transcript mailed 
  • The year you received your degree from 巴斯蒂尔 University (if you did not earn a degree, indicate the years you attended) 
  • Number of copies (if you are requesting more than one) 
  • Indicate if you attended Northwest Institute of 针灸 and Oriental Medicine or Seattle 助产术 School 
  • Your signature (required) 

Checks should be made payable to "巴斯蒂尔 University." The fee is $5 per copy (standard processing), or $10 for expedited service.